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31 July 2009

I thought this was interesting enough to add here at "Key Thoughts" this week. Essentially, it describes in detail the old adage that..."You are what you think."
Carefully choose the things you think, and here I mean selectively control what goes through your mind - and you program yourself to achieve success?
Very interesting....


Autosuggestion and Controlled Attention
by Napoleon Hill

You are influenced by, and you are a part of, the dominating circumstances of your daily environment. The medium by which this takes place is known as autosuggestions (suggestions you make to yourself, either consciously or unconsciously).

Autosuggestion records in your memory every thought you express, and makes it a part of your character, whether the thought is positive or negative. It records every word which is spoken within your hearing, and gives it a positive or a negative meaning, according to your reaction to it.

Autosuggestion records your thought reactions to everything you see or recognize through any of the five physical senses, and it records the “feel” which you pick up from your physical surroundings.

The objects on which you deliberately concentrate your attention become the dominating influences in your environment. If your thoughts are fixed upon poverty, or the physical signs of poverty, these influences are transferred to your subconscious mind through autosuggestion.

If the habit of concentrating on poverty is continued, it will result in conditioning your mind to accept poverty as an unavoidable circumstance, and you will eventually become poverty-conscious. This is how millions of people condemn themselves to a life of poverty. Remember this, you who would have opulence.

The principle of autosuggestion works in precisely the same manner when your dominating thoughts are fixed, through controlled attention upon opulence and economic security. This habit leads to the development of a prosperity consciousness without which no one may hope for economic security.

It is obvious, therefore, that when you voluntarily fix your attention upon a definite major purpose of a positive nature, and force your mind, through daily habits of thought, to dwell on that subject, you condition your subconscious mind to act on that purpose. As we have stated repeatedly, the subconscious mind acts first on the dominating thoughts placed before it daily, whether they are positive or negative, and proceeds to carry out those thoughts by translating them into their material equivalent.

Source: PMA Science of Success. Pgs. 345-346.