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11 May 2009

11 SECRETS to Finding a Job

The Secrets To Finding a Job

If one in ten people are out of work, these days, then nine others are employed at something. So what are you waiting for?…go find one of the 90 percent jobs waiting for you.
To help you do that, here are few proven tips to encourage you.

Be CONSUMED by it.
If searching for a job isn't your full time, all-the-time job NOW, then your results will show it. And you will have no one to blame but yourself. It is that simple.

There are no days off from this, no sick days (except when you’re hospitalized); Sunday is no slack day, except for going to church or a bit of sleeping in.
Flatly put, be busy at it, each and every day. Nothing more need be said.

Know what they want in the job. Research the company and find a way you can fit in. Show them how your past experience - whatever it is - can help them in their business.
Do this with any and all potential employers in your area which might interest you. Remember, they need employees they can rely on, or they cannot run their business. Find them, understand them and then become what they need.

BLAME is Pointless
There are no assumptions to made here, no blame to be placed on others, as I indicated above. It is all you.
"The System" is not out to get you or hold you down. The truth is, "The System" doesn't generally care about you until you give it reason to.
So stop blaming employers, or the employment office, or the economy, President Obama, your kids or ex-girlfriend, etc….
Instead, prove to them that you are someone to be reckoned with. Give them something to take notice of. Make it happen.

ACT, don’t React
Stop finding reasons why you can’t look for a job, or why you are not employable, or… whatever. Stop it, NOW. Take a deep breath and start by saying, “I CAN ________________________”
You don’t have a car? Okay. But you CAN take the bus, can't you? Or walk?
What, you have no friends to help? Then talk to the neighbors about a job instead. Start finding the things you CAN do to become employed and get busy at them. If you do that, you will find there is little time for fussing over the things you cannot do.

TALK to Everyone
Okay, this is big, so pay attention. Sit down with pencil and paper and make list of all the people you know. Go through your email lists and cell-phone contacts, too. I'm talking everyone here: friends, family, neighbors, the counter girl at McDonald's, the guy at the gas station… everyone is fair game in this.
If this list doesn't fill at least half a sheet of paper, go back and think some more.

Once you have your list, plan some time every day to contact these people and talk to them about your jobless situation. Ask them for ideas, feedback, help and so on. Ask if they know of any jobs or perhaps a friend who may have an opening. Schedule a time to call them later to talk again.

People are amazingly resourceful and willing to help when they think you are trying to better yourself. So what are you waiting for? Start bettering yourself!
Take advantage of one of the greatest resources you have - the people in your life.
Ever heard the term “networking?“ This is what it means.

BE OPEN to Everything
Don’t discount opportunities because you think "it won't turn out,” or it won’t be what you want, etc. Investigate everything that may,

A. Interest you, and/or...
B. Get you PAID.

On the other hand, if you are looking for reasons why something can’t or won’t work out, then you are undermining any success before you even start out. Doing that means you aren’t wanting a job; it means you are making excuses and ACTING like you want one.

There is a knack to interviewing well. It is like taking the stage on American Idol. You must be confident, without being pushy. You must show them, on the fly, why you are the one for them. You must react well and be flexible in conversation. If you are a member of Toastmasters, Intl., so much the better. If you are not, consider joining.
NOTE: The contacts you make there might just lead to a very good job.

If you are not comfortable with people in suits or those behind desks, then find a way to practice this before hand. Call someone you know who does wear a suit and sits at a desk - and ask them to give you a mock interview.

Be ready with answers to the questions, “Tell me about Yourself,” “Why should I hire You,” "How can you benefit me?" and “What are Your strong (and weak) points.”
Do some research on how to interview well and practice BEFORE you go to the interview. Your chances of success will go up dramatically.

Go after the job you want by having a continuous plan for contact with that job. If you don’t get hired after one attempt, don’t imagine they didn't like you. Worse, don't sit there waiting for that person to call back. These things mire you in doubt or inaction, just when you most need activity and confidence.
So, call or email your interviewers after a week. Put each interview contact you make into your schedule for the future and politely contact them on schedule. Do this until they hire you or tell you the position is filled.
The interviewer is an important person, but you are interested in the Job. So remain in touch with the Job, like it's an old friend.

Anger is one of the best motivators there is. If you are unhappy with your situation - that isn’t good enough. Being "unhappy" is for wimps.
Instead, go outside and start screaming. Get on your hands and knees and start pounding the ground in anger. Get REALLY mad, I mean spitting mad!!
People nearby should be looking over at you to see what the commotion is about.

Get worked up as to why you haven’t gotten anywhere, why you are stuck, or why things haven’t worked out. Don’t blame anybody but yourself for things to this point and vow to change them.
Why? Because, you’re pissed at where you are, when you know there are better places to be!
If you’re not angry enough to feel that way - then you're not trying hard enough!!

You are being tested, here. Your perseverance, your character, and your adaptability are on the line. Falter in these and you will remain unemployed... and worse, you will prove the negativity you feel about yourself is true.
But, be strong in these areas and follow the advice given here and a magical thing will occur - you will succeed.

And believe me, no employer will expect less of you than these things. You must be able to deliver them, so there's no time like the present to start.

AS always, I am available through email. If you have a specific question or situation, feel free to contact me.