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12 May 2009

Talking to Friends about Your Business.

This is from Michael Oliver, who is the driving force behind the "Natural Selling(R)" program. I thought it was good enough to include here, since it has some wide ranging applications in both life and business. I hope you enjoy it.

"When I talk with Network Marketers and Direct Sales People, it's
surprising how many are reluctant to talk with friends and family
about their business.

I guess it's understandable in many ways, because they don’t want
to run the risk of alienating those close to them.
If this happens to you, it does mean you're missing out on a
source of high quality business partners and customers.

Perhaps even worse, they might need what you have to offer and
they're missing out because you haven't spoken with them about
(The story is always told of the insurance man who didn't sell his friend a policy, because he didn't want business to ruin their friendship - and then the friend promptly dies, leaving nothing for his family to live on.
The bereaved widow, who is destitute, now despises the insurance man - for not selling life insurance to her husband, the man he called his friend.)

So, what's the solution so that everyone wins? Here are some

1. Keep in mind the first principle of Natural Selling. That is, your purpose is to help other people solve their problems. When you're talking with friends, or anyone come to that, all you're looking to do is to discover if they have the types of problems you can help them solve. That's all.

2. Before approaching a friend, take some time to prepare yourself. Think about everything you know about them. Write down everything you can about their family, their hobbies, their sports, their jobs, their relationships, and especially their likes, dislikes, passions, and so on.

3. Write down all the problems you might have heard them talk about, that your business might be able to solve. Things like health problems or tight finances, and think, if you can, how it’s affecting them.

These are the things you can explore further when you next speak with them.

Now, when you do speak with someone keep in mind the following...

* Respect the relationship that is already there. What’s more important? Your friendship or wanting them as a business partner?

* Explore their previously expressed problems or see if they do have the types of problems you can help them solve without necessarily talking about your solutions.

* Let go from talking about your business opportunity. Your first aim at this stage is to simply discover if you might be able to be of help. If in the course of your conversation it becomes clear your friend or family member might have an interest in changing their present situation, then you can offer your solution there and then, or continue the dialogue at another time.

If you adopt this approach, you won't run the risk of upsetting people. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how many of them will be open to listening to you."

Michael Oliver
Natural Selling® Sales Training
For Personal & Business Success

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